Queens Public Library offers several types of English language and High School Equivalency instruction to meet the diverse needs of our customers.

Classes are offered at the following levels focusing on different needs and subjects.


This level is for people who speak very little to no English. Students may be able to read and write a few words, and understand some frequently used words or simple phrases in context, but have little or no control of grammar. This course is focused on survival skills such as map reading, filling out forms, reading labels on foods and medications, and asking for directions.


This level is for students who can understand simple learned phrases, express basic survival needs, and have some control of basic grammar, but are not fluent. This course is focused on vocabulary building, life skills, and oral communication skills.

Advanced (limited availability)

This level is for students who are fluent, can participate in conversations about everyday subjects, and have control of basic grammar. This course is focused on improving speaking, reading, and writing skills, with a greater concentration on accuracy.

Use the links below to sign up for the classes that work best for you.