Queens Public Library's Bookmobile program takes library service to the streets, bringing books and activities to all neighborhoods across the borough.

Our Mobile Libraries contain books, movies, and magazines. We can also help you sign up for a library card at the Mobile Library.

From community events to senior care homes, we bring the library to you!

Mobile Library


Apply online to schedule a Mobile Library visit in your neighborhood or at your community event.

Please expect a response within 5 business days. Note: We cannot guarantee all requests.

Bookmobiles are the size of a city bus and require appropriate parking accommodations.


When disaster strikes, our Mobile Libraries really rev up and become a lifeline for our communities. During a hurricane or other natural disaster, the Mobile Library provides access to essential services and information, including:

  • Free WiFi and charging stations
  • First-aid supplies
  • Health brochures and other resource publications
  • Emergency FEMA applications
  • Friendly, familiar faces and general moral support


Book Bike

The Queens Public Library Book Bike is a delightful new addition to our outreach services.

In a city as urban as New York, there are places where our Bookmobile simply cannot fit.

This is where our Book Bike comes in, bringing books, information, and a sense of fun to community events ranging from farmers’ markets to the Queens Pride Parade!

Sunnyside Farmer Market