Conduct In-Depth Research on Health Topics at the Library

The Consumer Health Resources Center is located on the main floor of Central Library in the Business, Science & Technology Division, at 89-11 Merrick Boulevard, Jamaica.

The Center provides customers with a handy reference collection of some 1,200 print titles on consumer health, such as encyclopedias, sourcebooks, directories, magazines, journals, and online databases. These can be helpful if customers need to understand a prescription drug; find out the symptoms of a disease; learn a doctor’s hospital affiliation; investigate a vitamin or herbal product; know more about a laboratory test; choose a medical specialist; decide on a treatment plan; complete a school/college assignment; or get information on other important health issues. The Center is particularly useful for health care providers.

For added customer convenience, the medical librarian Al Piedra is available from 2-5pm every Wednesday afternoon at the reference desk.  At all other times you can call him directly (or leave a voicemail message) at 1-718-990-5130 or email him at Pick up a blue Medical Reference form at Central Library's front-entrance Information Desk to fill out and drop off at the Center's or Unique Services’ Reference Desks.

The medical librarian will assist with research, including access to DocLineTM, an online resource only available at the Library's Unique Services that links its Consumer Health Resources Center to a national network of medical libraries at most major U.S. hospitals, universities, and public libraries.

The Consumer Health Resources Center medical reference collection, including the DocLineTM electronic network, joins an already extensive array of print and online information available from inside and outside the Library, in English, and other languages.

The medical librarian only provides information resources and does not diagnose. Either factual answers or in-depth research can be provided for a customer. Many questions can be answered within a day of receipt; however, more complicated questions may take up to four (4) business days.

The information resources should not be interpreted as medical or professional advice. All medical information should be reviewed with your physician or health care professional.

All information related to transactions with the medical librarian, including your email address, will be kept confidential.