ESOL Learners

Since July celebrates the birth of our nation, we decided that it’s the best time to showcase our New Americans Program!

NAP offers help with immigration issues and provides financial and legal advice, English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) classes, and cultural events to help those that have recently chosen to live in the United States. We will be highlighting these workshops and special events all month on social media with #NewAmericansMonth.

NAP works closely with Queens Library's Adult Learner Program, the Job and Business Academy, and all our community libraries to assess the needs of new Americans.

Every person who comes to Queens Library looking for help embarking on a new life is extremely important to us, and we’re proud of them all!

We’d like to share with you some success stories from our ESOL adult learners.

Aura Vasquez is a hardworking individual with an inquiring mind who came to the U.S. from Colombia one year ago. She attended intermediate-level ESOL classes at the Bayside Community Library on Saturdays. Despite her considerable responsibilities as a young mother, she succeeded spectacularly, not only improving her English, but getting into a college preparation program.

Shermin Akther started beginning classes at the Sunnyside Community Library in fall 2015. At the end of the fall semester, testing revealed that her English skills had increased to the intermediate level. She came back for the intermediate-level ESOL class in the spring 2016 semester. While attending classes, she found a job as a cashier. By the end of the spring semester, she tested at the advanced English level.

Aida Proanio is a very hardworking student—she has a full-time job and attended intermediate ESOL classes at the Woodhaven Community Library, all while preparing for her citizenship test! She passed the test in early May and became a new American citizen. It was a great accomplishment for her and for her entire class.

Raquel Veyta took beginning classes at the Lefrak City Community Library during the fall 2015 semester. When she started, she had a lot of difficulty speaking and pronouncing English words. She also had a lot of trouble understanding and following directions. After being in class for half a semester, she gained a good amount of English knowledge. She is now able to help her sons with their homework. She is also able to shop at the supermarket, where she practices her English more and more.

If you’ve used our New Americans Program services and resources, and would like to share your story with us, contact us at

Photo: Adult learners at a recent ESOL class at Central Library.