Thanks to you and our partnership with BIG! Compost, we have diverted over 13,631 pounds of kitchen scraps and food waste during four, weekly Queens Library compost collection sites. These numbers reflect collections through April 30, 2013. Here is how it breaks down:

Queens Library at Broadway, Saturday afternoons from 1-3 p.m., started in January 2013
4,286.58 lbs. diverted
519 total drop-offs


Queens Library at Steinway, Monday morning commuter composting 8-10 a.m., started in spring 2012
6,310.1 lbs. diverted
945 total drop-offs

Queens Library at Long Island City, Saturday afternoon 1-3 p.m., started in April 13, 2013
73 lbs. diverted
11 total drop-offs

Queens Library at Sunnyside, Saturday mornings 10:30-noon, started in January 2013

2,961.1 lbs. diverted

386 total drop-offs

Queens Library at Woodside also has a popular evening collection each Tuesday from 5:15-6:30 p.m. This compost is processed locally at Smiling Hogshead Ranch, a Community Compost Project Site, and the weight is not recorded after each collection so we can't report on the numbers, but the effort is greatly appreciated.


Are there any ways you think we could increase community participation in this important program? Please let us know in the comments below and help us spread the word that composting is easy, fun and vital for the health of our communities and the city as a whole.