At Steinway library we hold our weekly composting program and now, more than ever, it has become super successful. This week we had 27 drop-offs and have collected over 185lbs of food scraps, all just under three hours! It really is amazing to see so many people conscious of their waste and eager to help the environment in every way possible. Interestingly, many of our patrons have enough room in their freezer to store their food scraps, which means they are eating fresh produce/products and not that many frozen items. On the other hand, we still take scraps that aren’t frozen, which is great because I definitely do not have the room in my freeze to store my own food scraps. Who knew that composting could be so easy and so beneficial to society! For anyone interested in our composting program: Bring your frozen food scraps -- only your fruit and vegetable scraps (peels, skins, or seeds), coffee grounds (including the paper filter), tea bags, eggshells, nutshells, plain bread and pasta (no toppings) to our weekly food waste drop off location at the Queens Library at Steinway every Monday evening from June 11 through November, between 6:00-7:30 p.m. Do not include meat, dairy, bones or oily foods. The Western Queens Compost Initiative will turn your food waste into nutrient-rich compost.