February 1, 2018

Dear Friends:

Queens Public Library is launching a new strategic plan, adopted by the Board of Trustees at its November 21, 2017 meeting, to guide the organization over the next five years. The plan is the culmination of a yearlong, broad and inclusive process which engaged staff, the public, elected officials, the Library’s Board of Trustees, and other stakeholders in shaping our future.

More than 5,700 individuals shared their perspectives through surveys available in 10 languages, and hundreds more participated in focus groups and community conversations with me across the borough. We heard, over and over, the many reasons people love and depend on their community libraries in Queens. We also heard how we can do more, and do better, to serve our diverse communities.

To reaffirm and redefine Queens Public Library’s commitment to the public over the years to come, we developed a new mission statement, vision, and core values. The plan focuses on five overarching strategic goals:

  1. Advance literacy and lifelong learning through outstanding collections, programs, and services
  2. Deliver exceptional customer experience with world-class staff
  3. Strengthen Queens Public Library’s role as the center of community life
  4. Expand and facilitate access to enhanced digital content and technology
  5. Provide inspiring, safe, and functional spaces for the public and staff

Over the next five years, the entire staff of Queens Public Library will be focused on meeting these goals. We already have begun work on several initiatives and will provide regular updates on our progress. Thank you for helping us chart a course for our future. I look forward to continuing to work with you to build a better Queens Public Library for everyone.

Dennis M. Walcott
President and CEO
Queens Library