NYC Day of Action: Protect the Freedom to Read!

2023 has seen a steep rise in book bans and censorship in classrooms, school libraries, and public libraries across the United States.

Queens Public Library, Brooklyn Public Library, and the New York Public Library are dedicated to free and open access to information and knowledge—a mission that is directly opposed to censorship.

On Wednesday, October 4, during Banned Books Week, New York City’s libraries invite you to join us on social media to protect the freedom to read!

Books can build bridges, introduce us to new perspectives, and show us we are not alone.

Join us on October 4 to celebrate the power of books, reading, and public libraries—and stand for the #FreedomToRead!


Ways You Can Participate

Starting at 10am on Wednesday, October 4, show your support for libraries and the freedom to read on Twitter (X), Instagram, Facebook, and more.

Use the hashtag #FreedomToRead to share why open access to books, information, and knowledge is important to you or your community.

You can share our special Day of Action graphics, a picture of a banned or challenged book that means a lot to you, or a message that shows how much you oppose book bans.

You can use the sample posts below, or write your own.

Tag NYC’s libraries in your posts as well!


Option 1: Share a Photo of a Book

Take a picture of a book (or a selfie with a book) that is meaningful to you.
Post the picture on your social media platform(s).
Use the hashtag #FreedomToRead and tag NYC’s libraries in your post!


Option 2: Day of Action Graphics

Download our special Day of Action graphics and share them on social media.
Use the hashtag #FreedomToRead and tag NYC’s libraries in your post!

We have versions that you can use for Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter (X).


Option 3: Write a Message of Support

Even if you don't share a picture or use our graphics, we still want to hear your voice!
You can write a message that shows how much you oppose book bans and support the freedom to read, or use one of the sample posts below.
Don't forget to use the hashtag #FreedomToRead and tag NYC’s libraries in your post!


NYC Library Handles

BPL: @bklynlibrary
NYPL: @nypl

BPL: BrooklynPublicLibrary
NYPL: nypl

BPL: @bklynlibrary
NYPL: @nypl
QPL: @qplnyc


Sample Social Media Posts

I’m joining @bklynlibrary @nypl @QPLNYC to stand against book bans and censorship. Here's the book I'm reading, what are you reading? #FreedomToRead

Books like this have the power to change lives. That’s why I am standing for the #FreedomToRead this Banned Books Week to oppose censorship of all kinds. Share your favorite book!

During this Banned Books Week, we stand with NYC public libraries to support the #FreedomToRead! Stand against book bans—everyone should be able to read whatever they want.

This Banned Books Week, I’m standing against censorship of all kinds and celebrating the right to read what I want! #FreedomtoRead