Indie Author Day 2020

Join us for our virtual celebration of Indie Author Day, the annual event which brings local writing and reading communities together.

Our special online events will include readings by local authors of children's and adult prose and poetry and the workshop "Publishing Practice in the Digital Age" with publisher and multidisciplinary artist Elæ.

Tune in live on our YouTube channel on Saturday, November 14 starting at 11:30AM!

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QPL Indie Author Day 2020 Schedule

Meet the Authors


Diana Lee Santamaria
Award-winning children’s author and educator Diana Lee Santamaria will read from her book DLee’s Snow Day, one of six in the DLee’s World Preschool Learning Series geared to promote early literacy, diversity, and fun! Join her as she reads, sings songs, and gives us a sneak peak into her newest book, DLee’s Shapely Imagination. Learn More at

Elaine Donadio
An author and reading specialist at New York City schools, Elaine Donadio is a New York City girl by birth and by choice. Her books will take you on a path that gently leads to what you previously did not know. Like a flower blooming in unhurried stages, you'll learn about our world in the context of personal experience. Readers will learn and laugh at the same time. The Science Project is a story of eleven-year-old Nestor Ramirez, who gets a big kick out of teasing his classmates. Learn More about Elaine at

Crystal Wolfe
Award-winning author Crystal Wolfe will read the Prologue from her first novel in The Creation Series, Where the Shadows Meet the Light, an epic fantasy series with elements of science fiction. She will show a video teaser for this novel and also talk about her our book Our Invisible Neighbors, which was inspired by her nonprofit work with Catering for the Homeless, Inc. A portion of all her book proceeds goes toward feeding the homeless and families in need. Learn More at

Vijay R. Nathan
Vijay R. Nathan will read Celebrity Sadhana, Or How to Meditate with a Hammer, a series of poems aimed to imagine meditative moments from the sadhana (spiritual practice) of Hollywood's elite. He builds on wisdom traditions to bring the hammer down on complacent notions about what it means to be spiritual in today's world. Vijay is a supervising librarian at QPL and host of the live talk show The Truth to Power Show, which streams online on Radio Free Brooklyn. He has published two poetry collections, Escape from Samsara (2016) and Celebrity Sadhana (2018). Vijay has been published by Newtown Literary, Oddball Magazine, Meow Meow Pow Pow Lit, and Fearsome Critters. Learn More about Vijay at

UPDATE: Carol Basdeo was scheduled to join us today, but she unfortunately has another commitment. We hope she will join us in the future for another reading! You can learn more about Carol and her work at


Workshop: Publishing Practice in the Digital Age


Join us for this session with Elæ as we consider the ways in which publishing is evolving in relationship to digital media and what this means for writers at every stage of their journey. We will discuss the question of an uncertain landscape that impacts every part of the chain, from writer to publisher to distributor to bookseller to reader. We will think together through strategies for self-publishing and traditional publishing, online and off.

Elæ (Lynne DeSilva-Johnson) is the Founder and Creative Director of The Operating System & Liminal Lab. They are a publisher, multidisciplinary artist, curator, scholar, and professor at Pratt Institute. Elæ performs and publishes widely, and produces a range of creative and educational public programming across sectors. Learn More at