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Potential Budget Cuts Threaten Universal Six Day Service, which NYC Has Had Since 2015

December 11, 2023—New York City’s three library systems issued a statement today regarding the potential of another 5% cut in funding in FY24. 

This coming weekend marks the last day of seven-day service at New York City libraries, the result of the 5% mid-year City budget cut announced last month. Recently, the Brooklyn, Queens, and New York public libraries were instructed to meet another 5% mid-year budget cut in January. If this additional round of budget cuts is enacted, libraries will be forced to further reduce hours, including ending universal six-day service, which New Yorkers fought hard to restore in  2015. We know that public libraries and the vital services we provide are a lifeline for many New Yorkers, and remain committed to continuing to serve our communities as best we can in these challenging times.”