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Happy National Friends of Libraries Week! It’s the annual celebration of library Friends groups and everything they do for their neighborhood libraries.

In honor of Friends of Libraries Week, we asked the staff at our branches to talk about the special relationship they have with their Friends groups, and how their Friends have supported them and their communities, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. Read those stories below!

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Thank you again to all the Friends of Queens Public Library!


Glen Oaks Friends

Glen Oaks Friends members have been caring for library staff, customers, and each other during these uncertain times. It is a true testimony of the community spirit. Although the Friends members have not been able to meet in person, they continue to be true supporters of the library in their heart. Thank you, Glen Oaks Friends members. Without you, we would not have been able to achieve and maintain a high standard.

Younshin Kim, Community Library Manager, Glen Oaks Library


Kew Gardens Hills Friends

The Friends of the Kew Gardens Hills Library have a keen eye for bringing in very well-received programs. From music to crafts, the programs they've organized enrich our community's lives and keep the community engaged with the library.

During the pandemic, the Friends were able to shift their programming to benefit Queens residents and people all over the state as they supported QPL's Older Adults department to host a series of art programs. They've also been excellent at flagging our community's potential needs through their suggestion box and their connection to the greater Kew Gardens Hills neighborhood, as their ties to the community go deeper than we can make as staff members.

They are a tremendous asset, and we are thankful for all their hard work to help support the team here at Kew Gardens Hills.

Asher MacInnis-Call, Assistant Manager, Kew Gardens Hills Library


During this most difficult time, I thank you for your ongoing commitment and sharing wonderful program ideas to best serve our community at Kew Gardens Hills. Some have suffered and some were fortunate to not suffer any losses at all, but overall as a community we remain compassionate and dedicated to welcoming our neighbors back to the library. We look out for one another and we continue to do our best to meet each month, discussing possibilities for normalcy. We continue to move forward to a bright future. Thank you for spending time thinking of us and we hope for a everlasting friendship for Kew Gardens Hills.

Susan Paredes, Community Library Manager, Kew Gardens Hills Library


Rosedale Friends

The Rosedale staff would like to extend our gratitude to our Friends group for the work they do for our community and making the library visible to our community, even during the lockdown. The children at Rosedale were gifted with books on different occasions during the pandemic. As such, even though the Rosedale Library was closed, our customers still had feelings of being cared for. We are therefore very grateful to Mr. Pecoraro and his executives as well as to the general Friends membership. KUDOS to you all.

E. Patricia Eshun, Community Library Manager, Rosedale Library

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