Battle of the Bands Spotlight: Global Warming

For the 2nd Annual Battle of the Bands, we’re welcoming back last year’s crowd favorites, Global Warming. Global Warming started out in 2012 at Grover Cleveland High School in Ridgewood, Queens. Though it began as a fun side project, they were soon overwhelmed by demand for their energetic performances. Global Warming also has the distinction of having the largest group at this year’s Battle of the Bands, with ten members in a constantly evolving lineup taking the stage.

And each member is a personality in their own right: taking to the stage next Thursday is the Fantastic Fredrick McGrane and the Spectacular Samantha Rosario on guitar, the Amazin’ Alexander Altanian and Jumpin’ Jonathan Orduno on drums, the Mesmerizing Matias Campello playing the saxophone, the Dynamic Derek Paul on bass guitar, and the Legendary Eric Ballard on keyboard and piano. They’ll be fronted by the Captivatingly Charismatic Karol Krynski on guitar and lead vocals, and the Incredible Ijyana Ballard, also on lead vocals. Finally, the Bombastic Mr. Brett Green will be dabbling in just about everything on their vast stage.

All members are in high school, and proudly represent a range of different ethnicities. Despite being a young band, they have a history of playing hallowed venues, including Greenwich Village’s The Bitter End, known for launching the careers of several musicians and entertainers, including Joni Mitchell, Jon Stewart, Joan Baez, Richard Pryor, and many more. We can’t wait to see what Global Warming has in store for us on July 14!

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