I was perusing the paperback romance display (yes, I like romances and I don’t make excuses for it) when I bent a little lower to check the authors towards the end of the alphabet.Like magic I was drawn to a pinkish purple cover and what I picked up was The Wish List by Gabi Stevens . With the thrill of discovery making my hands tingle, I read the back cover – ooh fairy godmothers live among us and Kristin Montgomery is just finding that out! Even better she has magical powers that will be manifesting during this “Time of Transition” although Kristin, content with her work as a CPA, isn’t sure she wants this major life change. Add in a southern California setting, a wizard, a sorcerer and other magical folks and we “Groundlings” are in for a very enjoyable time.I read and enjoyed the Harry Potter books and The Wish List is a similar kind of fantasy with more grownup sex appeal.There are some sizzling scenes, but it is hard to characterize this as a paranormal romance or a fantasy with romance which is why you may find this title in the romance section of the library or in the science fiction section.If you have been wishing for a book with magic, contemporary romance, and a sense of humor give The Wish List a try.