Queens Public Library has supported and strengthened this incredible borough and our city for nearly 127 years, offering books, programs, classes, technology, and so much more to help people be successful in their lives, no matter their background, identity, or circumstances. Now, these vital resources and services are at risk.

We are thankful that libraries were exempted from the latest round of cuts. This is an important step forward, but New York City’s three library systems – Queens Public Library, Brooklyn Public Library, and The New York Public Library – are still facing cuts of $36.2 million. These reductions come as we face the challenges of recovering from the pandemic, helping asylum seekers adjust to their new home, addressing food insecurity, assisting job seekers, and expanding opportunities for teens.

These cuts would undoubtedly have a significant impact on our services, resulting in reduced hours, programming, and collections.

Let the Mayor and your Council Member know that you oppose a cut in funding for NYC’s libraries by completing the form below to send them an email (it only takes a minute!). Your letter will remind our elected leaders of the indispensable role libraries play in our neighborhoods and the importance of protecting funding for libraries in the upcoming City budget.

Thank you for supporting libraries and helping make our city strong – for everyone.

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Dear Mayor Eric Adams, City Council Speaker Adrienne Adams, Council Majority Leader Keith Powers, Committee on Libraries Chair Chi Ossé, Council Finance Chair Justin Brannan, and Council Member,

Queens Public Library is the center of community life in every neighborhood across the borough, offering free access to knowledge, information, and opportunity to all, regardless of their background, identity, circumstances, or points of view. The library is one of the most trusted and open institutions in our city.

QPL offers free services to our most vulnerable neighbors, homework help, afterschool programs, storytimes, safe spaces for teens, cultural activities, WiFi access, and health and wellness events. It provides a lifeline to the homebound, offers assistance to job seekers and small businesses, and helps people improve their language skills, become citizens, and build digital literacy.

Less funding means fewer essential resources and services that I rely on. It means reduced hours, less programming, and smaller collections. These cuts would directly impact my community at a critical moment in our city’s recovery. You have shown your commitment to keeping the city’s libraries strong, and I hope that you continue to invest in them once again and reverse the proposed cuts.

Thank you for your consideration.