Within the larger scope of formal and non-formal learning within the Programs & Services Department’s (PSD) Community Learning division, the Young Adult Learning Services Instructional Manager serves as a member of the Community Learning team reporting to the Assistant Director of the Adult Learner Program. As part of the Young Adult Learning Services (YALS) program, the Instructional Center Manager is responsible for managing young adult instructional offerings, teacher observations, and academic excellence. The Instructional Manager coordinates all aspects of young adult learning for his/her assigned center, including GED classes, workshops, referrals, resources and other services. The Instructional Manager ensures that program data is collected in timely manner, and coordinates overall database management for their center. The Instructional Manager works with the ALP Assistant Director and the Site Coordinator in the selection, onboarding, and professional development of center staff.

  • Establishes a clear pedagogy and set of goals/outcomes that guide the entire instructional staff.
  • Develops curriculum sequences for ABE and pre-HSE resulting in coherent and well-articulated progression across NRS educational levels.
  • Outlines framework for teachers to informally assess themselves and their participants during the process of achieving program outcomes and objectives.
  • Collaborates with faculty and administration to create curricula that allows for flexibility and encourages experimentation/innovation and digital literacy within overall structure.
  • Incorporates interdisciplinary approaches within the curricula when appropriate.
  • Provides direction for procurement of material, training, and fiscal resources to implement curricula.
  • Supports GED registration.
  • Facilitates teacher training and observations.
  • Responsible for evaluating and managing programming and providing direction for current young adult learning programs at the Center and assisting with maintaining and/or enhancing enrollment number and retention rates.
  • Establishes relationships with community leaders, community based organizations, and potential clients in order to expand center offerings.
  • Ensures proper and timely processing of all documents and other required paperwork, often conducting program evaluations for improvement.
  • Ensures timely data entry and manages overall database management.
  • Maintains program statistical data as required by funding requirements and program standards.
  • Monitors, develops and enhances comprehensive means of assessment and outcome tracking.
  • Uses the latest technology to develop and deliver high-quality, effective learning programs and services.
  • Regularly monitors performance of staff members according to established monitoring standards.
  • Adheres strictly to program standards/SOP, case and file management guidelines.
  • Consults with the Principal Manager regarding hiring, training, and professional development for staff.
  • Performs site visits to various centers and classes.
  • Arranges and participates in staff development and training programs directly relating to the Center.
  • Working in collaboration with the Assistant Director, ensures adequate staff development for all employees by creating professional development plans.
  • Facilitates and/or attends staff meetings, and conducts instructional and administrative staff observations while ensuring that professional development plans are being followed and by providing feedback for improvement.
  • Coordinates volunteer and intern pre-placement training, proper orientation, feedback/evaluation and recognition.
  • Assists and collaborates with special projects as needed.
  • Performs other duties as assigned.

The schedule for this position will include Saturdays and evenings as required. This position requires local travel up to 20%.


  • BA in Education or related field required.
  • A minimum of two years full time professional experience in young adult education required.
  • Previous experience administering young adult education programs.
  • Previous supervisory experience required.
  • Must have strong organizational and communication skills.


  • Master’s in Education or related field preferred. 
  • Knowledge of computer assisted instruction preferred.


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TO APPLY:  Please send your resume and cover letter to QLcareers@queenslibrary.org and reference “YALS Instructional Manager - QLWEB” in the subject line. Resumes will only be accepted by email. 

Starting annual salary is $66,922.

The Queens Public Library is an Equal Opportunity Employer.